Bigger by the Rep 30 Day Program

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Bigger By the REP is Regan Grime’s specially designed 4 week lean gains mass building protocol. The program has 4 different meal variations to match up with your starting weight so be sure to choose the program that matches up best to your starting weight and be ready to pack on some pounds of lean muscle! This downloadable PDF ebook program features unique workouts Regan has used over the years to help pack on lean muscle. This program can be extended out to 8 weeks using these workouts!

Each plan has:
– 4 weeks of muscle building weight training workouts following a 5 day split with special “Muffin Pump” sets to help generate that amazing mid-workout pump we all know and love
– Macronutrient meal plan example to help lay out your meals for mass building with 6 meals and your daily macro breakdown.
– Downloadable PDF so you can save on your smart phone and take with you anywhere


Note: this is not a customized training plan. Regan only accepts a specific number of clients for custom 1 on 1 training.


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